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About Us

Our History - Bart & Joni Barthelman

I developed and patented a thicker vinyl product that could be thermal die cut for Point of Purchase products in the early 1990s when I was doing wholesale thermal die cutting. By the mid-2000s computer processes, such as doming, were beginning to dominate that type of product and we decided to explore modifying the thick product so it would be reflective. We set up our initial e-commerce site in 2005, worked to get our description on Google's first page, and by 2011 we were successful enough for Amazon to ask to also sell on their site. 

In 2014 we moved our business to Newton Iowa (my hometown) so I could also become the first full-time Executive Director at Jasper County Historical Museum and Joni, who had retired from advertising sales, would pick up the slack in our one-man (woman) shop during the week. I stepped aside from the museum in 2017 due to worsening peripheral neuropathy due to CMT2 and to devote more time to the business and enable Joni to have 2 hip replacements and a 2nd lumbar surgery. She is now through that, and in November 2019, I returned as museum Executive Director, but on a half time basis, so I could still devote half-time to our business during the week and save the museum some money as well.

This is our first complete website redo since 2010 and we hope we are providing the information you need to place your order.